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Housing Rehabilitation

Hawaii is the least affordable place to live in the entire nation, California is the 2nd least affordable. Housing production is one of the leading causes for the lack of affordable housing in California. There are more existing houses in California than new, many of which are outdated and dilapidated. Existing housing is the new gold rush in California since the advent of newly introduced housing bills including SB1069 and SB9.

These two bills alone have provided housing renovation opportunities that are designed to increase the supply of housing and provide additional jobs in the housing construction industry. Though these bills have open the door of opportunity, they have also created more challenges as well.

Covid-19 added to the complexity by changing the way we do business when it comes to permitting projects. Almost every jurisdiction in the state has gone digital with the permitting process. On top of that many new housing laws have also changed the permitting climate requiring a deep understanding of these new laws and the language of the public sector. 

This is where our expertise comes in. Our Founder, Mr. Serrano has produced over 1,000 units of newly renovated housing totaling over $75 million dollars in home improvements cost alone, in some of the most difficult places to get a permit such as the Lake Tahoe Basin, a highly restricted environmental area. Mr. Serrano's experience spans over 30 years in the public and private archtectural, construction and community development industry.

Housing rehabilitation is a highly specialized skill, requiring an ever adapting specialized knowledge. Mr Serrano's expertise and knowledge has been demonstrated as an approved FHA 203K Consultant for over 25 years and holds certifications in CHEERS Energy Rating, Lead Based Paint Assessment and Green Building Technologies.

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