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ADU's and JADU's

In 2017 a monumental housing bill was introduced to the State of California legislature by Senator Bob Wieckowski. The bill known as SB 1069 changed the landscape of housing in a way that opened the doors to housing affordable to the workforce. SB 1069, also known as the Accessory Dwelling Unit, (ADU) bill made it possible to increase density on single family zoned lots. This bill provided a way to produce additional single family housing out of existing accessory buildings such as sheds and garages without having to go through a long arduous permit processing exercise. It also permitted new attached and detached ADU's that could be added to existing housing and create additional, (new) housing without the added burden of layers of regulations that typically accompany new housing construction.

Since the passing of SB1069, ADU's and JADU's have been providing workforce housing options for households earning around 80%-120% of median income. TMI specializes in ADU and JADU planning, design, permit processing, project management and building. Our staff can assist you in determining the highest and best use and maximize the development of your property.

Shown in the photo below is (left to right), State of California Assemblyman David Chiu, State Senator, Bob Wieckowski and TMI CEO, Joe Serrano standing in front of one of the State's 1st ADU basement conversions produced by TMI.

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