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Grant Funding

TMI has the capacity to provide grant management including writing grant applications, program and project development, grant reporting and fund control. Below is a list of grants that TMI has received and uses of these grants under our management.

1). Mechanics Bank Operations grant: this grant was used to purchase operational development equipment and supplies. A second grant received from Mechanics Bank help with the creation, launching and developing of the Tiny House Building Academy.
2). City of Richmond ECIA Grant: this grant was used to fund another small nonprofits startup operations. TMI acted as a fiscal sponsor to help launch this small nonprofits mission of serving the homeless with job training and housing efforts. We received another ECIA grant to fund the creation, launching and development of a Tiny House Building Academy with other small organizations including THIMBY, a UC Berkeley Student Organization and Rebuilding Together.
3). San Francisco Foundation, (SFF): We received a grant from the SSF  to help in the development of the Tiny House Building Academy. Future grant funding opportunities will include local, state and federal grant funding sources including HOME and CDBG).

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